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How to create a great video ad

Tips for ad creators: how to make a video to win your customers’ hearts

Making video ads is a very effective approach to digital advertising, as videos are an important part of people’s lives today. You’ve probably seen some catchy TV commercials and viral marketing videos on YouTube. But there’s a fine line between catchy and annoying. Read this article to learn the secrets of successful ad creators.

Marketers and customers on video effectiveness

of marketers say videos help users understand the product better

of customers say a video has convinced them to buy software

of customers prefer to learn about a new product or service through a short video


Free online ad templates

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Best tips for making video ads

1. Focus on the first few seconds

Good video ads make you want to keep watching, even if you didn’t mean to. If the beginning isn’t engaging enough, your potential customers will just close the video and never watch it again. Try to hook the viewer right from the start: ask a relevant question, address a problem, or just show something unexpected.

2. Make viewers want your product

Imagine a typical infomercial about a boring household device: the presenter gives an appealing description and shows so many creative ways to use the device that you realize you actually need it. Make your viewers interested in your product: demonstrate its practical use, explain what makes your brand stand out, trigger happy emotions, build trust.

3. Keep it short

You definitely don’t need to turn an ad into an entire movie. For an e-commerce advertisement, the most common video length is between 10 and 35 seconds. Consider the product type and the platform where you post your ads when you plan the video length. Keep the video short but don’t forget that you must still deliver meaningful information – just do it as quickly as possible.

4. Add a call to action

What do you want people to do after watching your video? Don’t make them guess – always include a straightforward call to action – preferably at the end of the video. You can simply add your contacts – a link, an email, or a phone number – or try a more creative approach: invite viewers to join a conversation, encourage them to sign up to claim a discount, offer them a free trial, or even suggest watching another video. The choice is up to you: consider your business goals and target audience.

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