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How to make a good video intro

Making an intro: tips and free intro templates

If you watch videos on YouTube, Facebook, or other social networks, you will have noticed that they often have cool intros. Professional video designers know that the intro can be a very important part of a video. You can make an intro yourself, but this may require skills like digital drawing and 3D animation. It’s much easier to use ready-made templates, like those included in Fastreel by Movavi.

Why should you add an intro to your video? A good intro:

  • Makes your video look more professional
  • Helps you build brand awareness
  • Prepares the audience for what comes next in the video

Below, you’ll find a few easy tips for beginning intro makers and free templates for making awesome video introductions.

Marketers and customers on video effectiveness

of marketers say videos help users understand the product better

of customers say a video has convinced them to buy software

of customers prefer to learn about a new product or service through a short video


Free intro maker: online templates

If you’re looking for the best intro-generator tool, try Fastreel by Movavi – a handy Facebook and YouTube intro maker. By using our ready-made templates, you can easily create animated 3D intros for your own vlog, a YouTube channel, an advertisement, a promo, a home movie, or any other kind of video content.

4 tips for making a good video intro

1. Define the purpose

You can use intros to give viewers a general idea of what they’ll see in the video, introduce them to your brand, or just grab their attention. Sometimes a short intro with a logo in the center and an appropriate soundtrack is enough, but if your video is more complex, you might consider adding more content to your intro. If you can’t define a goal for your intro, you probably don’t need one.

2. Make it short

Most video creators prefer to keep intros short – no more than a few seconds. An overly long intro can bore your viewers even before they get to the main content. To decide on an appropriate duration, consider the purpose of the intro and the length of the entire video.

3. Use your brand name and style

Even if you don’t need to introduce audience to your brand, it’s always good to add the brand name and a few elements of the brand identity to your intro: the color, the font, background music, or any combination thereof. A custom intro can help viewers remember and recognize your brand.

4. Find the right music

The intro music sets the mood for the entire video, so choose it carefully. As noted above, you can use your brand music if you have one. If you don’t, you can find an appropriate track on a paid audio stock site or just use the YouTube audio library (though this works for YouTube videos only). Also, some video editing programs like Fastreel by Movavi include collections of copyright-free music.

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