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4 tips for making a video to boost your business

Making a Promotional Video: Tips, Ideas, and Ready-Made Templates

Promotional videos often combine the features of an advertisement and a brand video. A good promo never tries to sell you something straight away. Instead, it gently familiarizes you with the brand and tells you a story about the product.

Why might you need a promo video? The answer is simple: most people love watching videos. YouTube, Instagram, and other social media are full of video content, and people will eat it up if the quality is good enough. There are businesses that have achieved significant growth with the help of memorable video promotions.

Marketers and Customers on Video Effectiveness

of marketers say videos help users understand the product better

of customers say a video has convinced them to buy software

of customers prefer to learn about a new product or service through a short video


Free Online Templates

Making a promo video is easy with Movavi’s online video editor. Try these ready-made templates with animated intros, customizable titles, and background music:

How to create a promotional video? Here are some useful tips for you!

1. Set Your Goal

Think about the result you want to achieve from your promo video. For example, you may want to introduce a product, service, or event, urge people to buy something, or increase brand awareness. A clearly defined goal will help you make a successful video.

2. Define the Audience and the Message

Always be thinking about your target audience – your content needs to be relevant and appropriate. After defining your audience, you can develop the message that your video should carry. Answering the following questions will help you:

  • What problems will your audience solve using your product or service?
  • What are your audience’s values?
  • What kind of narrative style are they likely to prefer?
  • Where on the web can your audience be found?

3. Write a Script

A good script is an essential element of a successful video. Review your goal, audience, and key message, and write a script that addresses these basic points. If you write a voiceover text, pay attention to the word choice: use short, easily understandable phrases. Don’t forget to read your final text aloud to make sure it sounds good.

4. Start Making Your Video

Video production is an interesting process, but it can be tiresome as well. There are two major options for promo video makers: create a video from scratch or use ready-made online templates. The first option is great if you are ready to spend hours or days making a promo. What is more, you’ll also need to buy desktop software for video editing, which can be quite expensive. If you don’t want to spend so much time and money, try the second option: using online templates will help you make short, dynamic videos in just a few minutes.

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