Rotate Video Online

Wondering how to rotate a video? Just add your file to get started.

How to Rotate a Video Using Fastreel

Add Your File

Click Add Your File and upload your video to rotate it using Fastreel. Note that only MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, and WMV files up to 500 MB are allowed.

Rotate the Video

Turn the video left or right by clicking one of the rotation buttons – your video will be rotated by 90 degrees with each click.

Save the Result

Click Continue. Select a preferred export option to save the rotated video.

Why Use Fastreel As a Video Rotator?

Easy Video Rotation

Rotating videos is now easier than ever – no video-editing skills are required.

Files Safety

Using Fastreel is totally safe – your files will never get into the wrong hands.

Online Rotation

Now you can change the video orientation online – without downloading any software tools.

Simple Interface

Our online video rotator is a breeze to work with thanks to the simple, user-friendly interface.

Rotation in Any Direction

Rotate clips by 90, 180, and 270 degrees in any direction to make horizontal or vertical videos.

Free Saving Option

Save the rotated video clip or movie for free (with a watermark) or try the paid export options.